Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Future Story Scheduling Reflection

Freedom comes in a variety of forms in my life. Personally, future story freedom means living a life with multiple pathways. Together these pathways make up my freedom. Fittingly, the courses I am taking next year as a junior help extend my pathway options in the future. In a similar pathway vein, I am pursuing my third and fourth courses in the automotive pathway next year. By taking automotive and lighter repair I will be able to pursue industry certification and become a program completer before my senior year. This also extend co-operative education opportunities as well. Choice is good!   

In terms of challenging leadership roles, I am interested in the STLP opportunity through the Media Center and will be working with Mrs. Mattingly and Mrs. Sekulski to ensure I can fit that into my larger schedule. I will also be taking AP English Language, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, and and U.S. History to round out my schedule. I feel like the teachers we have at TNHS continue to offer me a lot of support and this schedule will be a healthy fit for me. I am excited to continue challenging myself and extending opportunities for freedom in the next year.   

My Schedule: 
AP English Literature 
Automotive Light Repair C & D  (2 Periods)
U.S. History

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