Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Class of 2019 Future Story Reflection

Title-> Spring 2018: MY DYNAMITE

Class of 2019 Reflection

As a junior in high school I am inspired by so many people in
 my life. To begin, I am inspired by my father for holding me accountable and ensuring that I show up to get better each day. Also, I am inspired by my teachers that are true professionals. They work hard and provide meaningful opportunities each day at Thomas Nelson High School. These teachers have enriched my life and allowed me to feel more confident as a part of the TNHS community. This growth has also been supported by my CARE & Connect class with Mrs. Ahmadi. We have truly taken CARE of each other and the upperclassmen have made me feel more at home here. 

I am motivated to meet the benchmark in English. On my CERT IA 2 I achieved a 16. I have started to review two questions a day and take notes over the past three weeks. I feel like the videos have helped me significantly improve in the growth process. 

My ACT goal is a 22. In the week ahead I am going to ensure that I review for the English test through watching CERT videos. To this end, I am going to start with the easy questions on CERT and review them. Then I will move onto the medium questions. I always work to get a good night's sleep and this will not change for the ACT. If for some reason I don't meet my goal of a 22 I will be taking it again in June. This is the only way that real growth occurs - persistence. I'm excited to recognize that growth. 

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