Thursday, January 26, 2017

House Steward CARE CAMP Reflection

Please respond to the following prompt in three (3) well organized paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: Celebrate growth!
What struck you or what did you LEARN today during our time together?
In what ways were you challenged today as a House Steward?
What are you most excited about as we continue to CREATE together?What can we celebrate about today?

Paragraph 2: How far will you go to CREATE our FUTURE TOGETHER?
What is the one thing from today's CARE CAMP that you will use immediately upon returning to CARE AND CONNECT on Monday?
What is the biggest challenge you face in achieving that one thing?

Paragraph 3: GLOWS and GROWS
What went really well today?
What did you feel really good about?
What areas of growth do we need to address to continue to FLYNDEFY?
How could we address those areas?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Future Story Scheduling Reflection

Freedom comes in a variety of forms in my life. Personally, future story freedom means living a life with multiple pathways. Together these pathways make up my freedom. Fittingly, the courses I am taking next year as a junior help extend my pathway options in the future. In a similar pathway vein, I am pursuing my third and fourth courses in the automotive pathway next year. By taking automotive and lighter repair I will be able to pursue industry certification and become a program completer before my senior year. This also extend co-operative education opportunities as well. Choice is good!   

In terms of challenging leadership roles, I am interested in the STLP opportunity through the Media Center and will be working with Mrs. Mattingly and Mrs. Sekulski to ensure I can fit that into my larger schedule. I will also be taking AP English Language, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, and and U.S. History to round out my schedule. I feel like the teachers we have at TNHS continue to offer me a lot of support and this schedule will be a healthy fit for me. I am excited to continue challenging myself and extending opportunities for freedom in the next year.   

My Schedule: 
AP English Literature 
Automotive Light Repair C & D  (2 Periods)
U.S. History

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Class of 2020 Future Story Reflection

Please respond to the following prompt in two (2) well organized paragraphs:
Paragraph 1: Celebrate growth!
  a. What are you most proud of in your first semester at Thomas Nelson?
b. In what ways have you specifically grown as a person?
c. In what ways have you grown as a student?

Paragraph 2: How far will you go for future story Freedom?
  1. How did you do on the last IA compared to your goals?
  2. How do your IA scores compare to your ACT goal?
  3. How can you grow and pursue future story freedom?

Class of 2020 Reflection

During my first semester at Thomas Nelson I have grown in a number of meaningful ways. I am most proud of my GPA and involvement in a student organization. If all goes as planned I should have a 3.75 GPA at the end of the first semester. Additionally, I have been involved in both the VAPA and Gaming club and have been able to connect with students from across the school. These students have enriched my experience and allowed me to feel more confident as a part of the TNHS community. This growth has also been supported by my CARE & Connect class with Mrs. Ahmadi. We have truly taken CARE of each other and the upperclassmen have made me feel more at home here. 

On the quarter 1 IA test I scored a 20 and met all of my benchmarks for College Readiness benchmarks. Freedom for me comes down to how hard I want to work for it. In my case, I just had to make time for awesome to happen. :) 

Image result for wku logoAfter the test,  I found the CERT videos to be helpful for identifying three to four key questions on each test. By focusing on just a few questions I am able to learn more profoundly the skills that are important to other questions. My plan of attack after the IA on Friday is to look at five questions a week and take detailed notes in the graphic organizer that Mrs. Chavez has given us. I feel confident this will help me grow towards the goal of a 28 on the ACT. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Class of 2017 Future Story Reflection

Why are we here today? 
1. To celebrate your journey. 
2. To ensure you are taking the most important steps towards your future story goals. 
3. To let you know we've got your back. 

Class of 2017 Future Story Coaching
1.Create a new blog post
2.Title-> Future Story Coaching 11.30.16
3.Please respond to the following prompt in two (2) well organized paragraphs:
Paragraph 1: What does your 5 year Future Story look like?
Paragraph 2: How do you feel about your progress towards your future story goals?
  1. Are you College or Career Ready? How will you get there?
  2. What are your next steps towards your post-secondary plan?

Extension Questions:
What are your biggest fears about transitioning to college or the workplace?
What supports do you have in place beyond Thomas Nelson? Who/what?
What further research will support your Future Story?
What did you learn from this research?

Future Story Blog Post Model

For the past four years I have recorded where I think I will be in five years. It is hard to believe that time has arrived. I will be lifting off soon to take my next steps towards my future story but I am not fully sure where I want to go to college! The pressure of choosing a college is something that I would rather not have, but I recognize that with change comes growth and I'm going to have to make the leap one way or another. Fortunately, I have two college visits planned in January.
In five years I plan on opening my own business. It is my dream to help people with their technology and security needs in their homes and businesses. When I look to my progress towards my future story goals, my first step is becoming college ready. I still need to meet my math benchmark. I am so close to being College Ready YETI! I plan on retaking the KYOTE to get this benchmark in the next two weeks. It is important that I do not have to take any remedial classes my first year in college so I don't delay my graduation. I need to make sure I stay after for Future Story Support Hours on Wednesdays for more help with Math.
When I think about transitioning to college and then to open my own business, I worry about not succeeding. I know it is important not to make decisions out of fear. However, I hear all of the horror stories about owning your own business. I know it will be tons of work, but how do I make sure I am not one of the businesses that don't succeed in their first five years? How can I make sure I stay up to day on the latest technology trends to keep my future business on the cutting edge? I think I need to spend my next Operation Exploration day shadowing a small business owner to ask these very questions. I am sure they will have helpful tips that will help ease my fears.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Freedom Prep 2015

You can't take the jump without a plan! Follow the link to find the Post-Secondary Planning Log that you will need to make a copy of and then begin creating your plan.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Freedom Prep Seniors Fall 2016

Making the Jump to Write Your Future Story

Please follow this link to a short survey about your CCR needs. 

Friday, October 21, 2016


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Dear Potential - please select the House that you are interviewing to be a House Steward in, and then choose one date and one time that will be the time you would like to interview.