Thursday, April 18, 2019

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My YETI Ready Journey

Step 1) Create a new blog post
Step 2) Title: My YETI Ready Journey
Step 3) Respond to the following question:
What does my future story demand of me?
a)What steps have I made towards my post-secondary plan?
-(College/Tech School Application, FAFSA Completion, Scholarship Deadlines, Connecting with Workforce)
b)What is my current reality with my senior year progress?
(grades, involvement in my school community)
c)Am I YETI? If not, what are my next steps to becoming YETI?
d)Are there barriers to my success? How can I overcome those barriers?

My YETI Ready Journey

My future story demands ownership over my actions and goals. My journey towards my post-secondary choice of becoming a business major and future entrepreneur has not been a straightforward path. Up until this past summer I was really uncertain of the future story I wanted to pursue. It wasn't until I started my creative directing class I realized my enjoyment in forging my own path. While I know now I want to be an entrepreneur, I also realize I need some assistance in gaining awareness of the basics of business. Therefore I am going to be pursuing business in college.

While eventually, my plan is to end in at the University of Louisville studying business, next year I plan to attend ECTC. I actually applied last week! In addition to applying to ECTC, I sat down with my parents two weeks ago to begin the work on the FAFSA process. My next step is getting scholarships. Over the next month, I really need to focus on local scholarships where my chances of getting a scholarship awarded are higher. I also plan to shadow a couple of entrepreneurs during Operation Exploration.

As I think about my senior year, I am particularly proud of my involvement. I consistently step up in my Care & Connect class and volunteer to lead in my HOUSE. However, I would like to get involved in FBLA. I feel this will help with my future story plans. My next step will be to contact Mr.Spears to learn more about joining.

Also, according to the YETI journey card, I am YETI! YES! I am excited to put my sticker on my jet and move my name on the ship in the next month. I have seen those before me move their name and remember the pride in their smiles.

While I feel I am making decent progress, I do feel there are a couple of barriers to my future plans. One being my procrastination. I am my own worst enemy with deadlines. I need to build a system or calendar to stay more on top of things coming due. I know this will be valuable next year.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Class of 2018 Yeti Hunting Reflection

1. Title your post = "Class of 2018 - Flycloser"
2.Ready Yeti?
3. What was your ACT Goal? 
-What was your score?
-How do you feel about your progress?
-Which Benchmarks did you meet?
4.Yeti Hunting Reflection
-Where do I go from here?
-How can I continue to grow?
-What are the implications of my score?
-How will I embrace the journey of YETI hunting?