Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My YETI Ready Journey

Step 1) Create a new blog post
Step 2) Title: My YETI Ready Journey
Step 3) Respond to the following question:
What does my future story demand of me?
a)What steps have I made towards my post-secondary plan?
-(College/Tech School Application, FAFSA Completion, Scholarship Deadlines, Connecting with Workforce)
b)What is my current reality with my senior year progress?
(grades, involvement in my school community)
c)Am I YETI? If not, what are my next steps to becoming YETI?
d)Are there barriers to my success? How can I overcome those barriers?

My YETI Ready Journey

My future story demands ownership over my actions and goals. My journey towards my post-secondary choice of becoming a business major and future entrepreneur has not been a straightforward path. Up until this past summer I was really uncertain of the future story I wanted to pursue. It wasn't until I started my creative directing class I realized my enjoyment in forging my own path. While I know now I want to be an entrepreneur, I also realize I need some assistance in gaining awareness of the basics of business. Therefore I am going to be pursuing business in college.

While eventually, my plan is to end in at the University of Louisville studying business, next year I plan to attend ECTC. I actually applied last week! In addition to applying to ECTC, I sat down with my parents two weeks ago to begin the work on the FAFSA process. My next step is getting scholarships. Over the next month, I really need to focus on local scholarships where my chances of getting a scholarship awarded are higher. I also plan to shadow a couple of entrepreneurs during Operation Exploration.

As I think about my senior year, I am particularly proud of my involvement. I consistently step up in my Care & Connect class and volunteer to lead in my HOUSE. However, I would like to get involved in FBLA. I feel this will help with my future story plans. My next step will be to contact Mr.Spears to learn more about joining.

Also, according to the YETI journey card, I am YETI! YES! I am excited to put my sticker on my jet and move my name on the ship in the next month. I have seen those before me move their name and remember the pride in their smiles.

While I feel I am making decent progress, I do feel there are a couple of barriers to my future plans. One being my procrastination. I am my own worst enemy with deadlines. I need to build a system or calendar to stay more on top of things coming due. I know this will be valuable next year.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Class of 2018 Yeti Hunting Reflection

1. Title your post = "Class of 2018 - Flycloser"
2.Ready Yeti?
3. What was your ACT Goal? 
-What was your score?
-How do you feel about your progress?
-Which Benchmarks did you meet?
4.Yeti Hunting Reflection
-Where do I go from here?
-How can I continue to grow?
-What are the implications of my score?
-How will I embrace the journey of YETI hunting?

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Step 1 = Log in to a chromebook and go to LEADINGMYFUTURESTORY.BLOGSPOT.COM
Step 2 = Open a new tab and Go to Your Future Story Blog
Go to blogger.com if you can't remember the URL.

Step 1 = Create a "New Post" and title it "GENERALS SERVE CARE REFLECTION"
Step 3 =  Write your blog post

A. What role does COMMUNITY play in our lives? What responsibilities do we have as citizens?
B. What role does SERVICE play in community? How does service support those responsibilities we have as citizens?

A. What do you believe was the purpose of GENERALS SERVE?
B. What specific things did you LEARN about yourself and others throughout your service project?
C. What can you celebrate about your experience?

A. What struck you? What can you celebrate?
B. What was the biggest lesson you LEARNED about yourself today?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Graduation Speeches

Submit your name and draft speech via this link by Friday, May 11th, at 4:00 p.m.

Auditions will occur on Tuesday, May 15th from 3:15 - 4:00 p.m. in the Make Art Center.

Selections will be made on Wednesday, May 16th.