Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Class of 2017 Future Story Reflection

Why are we here today? 
1. To celebrate your journey. 
2. To ensure you are taking the most important steps towards your future story goals. 
3. To let you know we've got your back. 

Class of 2017 Future Story Coaching
1.Create a new blog post
2.Title-> Future Story Coaching 11.30.16
3.Please respond to the following prompt in two (2) well organized paragraphs:
Paragraph 1: What does your 5 year Future Story look like?
Paragraph 2: How do you feel about your progress towards your future story goals?
  1. Are you College or Career Ready? How will you get there?
  2. What are your next steps towards your post-secondary plan?

Extension Questions:
What are your biggest fears about transitioning to college or the workplace?
What supports do you have in place beyond Thomas Nelson? Who/what?
What further research will support your Future Story?
What did you learn from this research?

Future Story Blog Post Model

For the past four years I have recorded where I think I will be in five years. It is hard to believe that time has arrived. I will be lifting off soon to take my next steps towards my future story but I am not fully sure where I want to go to college! The pressure of choosing a college is something that I would rather not have, but I recognize that with change comes growth and I'm going to have to make the leap one way or another. Fortunately, I have two college visits planned in January.
In five years I plan on opening my own business. It is my dream to help people with their technology and security needs in their homes and businesses. When I look to my progress towards my future story goals, my first step is becoming college ready. I still need to meet my math benchmark. I am so close to being College Ready YETI! I plan on retaking the KYOTE to get this benchmark in the next two weeks. It is important that I do not have to take any remedial classes my first year in college so I don't delay my graduation. I need to make sure I stay after for Future Story Support Hours on Wednesdays for more help with Math.
When I think about transitioning to college and then to open my own business, I worry about not succeeding. I know it is important not to make decisions out of fear. However, I hear all of the horror stories about owning your own business. I know it will be tons of work, but how do I make sure I am not one of the businesses that don't succeed in their first five years? How can I make sure I stay up to day on the latest technology trends to keep my future business on the cutting edge? I think I need to spend my next Operation Exploration day shadowing a small business owner to ask these very questions. I am sure they will have helpful tips that will help ease my fears.

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