Sunday, September 25, 2016

Class of 2020 Taking Flight

Step 1 = You did it! You made it here.
Step 2 = Open a new tab and Go to Your Future Story Blog
Step 3 = Go to
Class of 2020--->  Hit the + in Top Right Corner Hit
Join and Type in Invite Code hxhf2a
  Open “My Future Story Freedom” Document
Step 4 = Determine Your Current GPA for reference.

Step 1 = Enter College & Major & Career Pathway on Future Story Freedom Document
Step 2 = Review a Model Blog Post Together
Step 3 = Draft your Future Story Freedom Blog Post
Paragraph 1:
A. Where do you want to be in five years?
B. Why do you want to pursue that pathway?
(Put a picture of where you want to be)
Paragraph 2:
A. What is your GPA Goal for semester 1?
B. What will you have to do to achieve that goal?

Step 4 = Meet with your Future Story Coach and share!

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