Sunday, September 25, 2016

Model Class of 2020 Taking Flight

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In five years I want to be confidently sitting in a college English class learning more about the world around me. I want to attend a school that is going to enrich my spirit and engage my mind. Concerning a future career pathway, I am currently undecided. Meanwhile, I am interested in Math and Science fields. For example, I'm interested in thinking about how we can cure disease and find lab research to be exciting. In the same way, I am engaged with my graphic design course and find marketing to be very interesting. As a class of 2020 student I recognize that over the next few years my passion will become more refined and I will choose a path that makes sense to me. I'm going to rock either way!
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My GPA goal for Semester 1 is to have a 3.8 or higher by December 19th, 2016. For now, I am looking forward to Getting My Game On Friday with IA 1. Based on last year's scores I would like to be above the benchmark in each subject area. I have set goals in Science (22) and Math (20) in class and look to get a 20 or higher in both English and Reading. To achieve that goal I will have to continue to have the courage to Eat My Oatmeal everyday. :) Seriously, I intend to be well rested, embrace my LEADER's advice and listen. Also, I need to be sure I am sleeping well and taking care of myself. I am excited for growth! Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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