Monday, September 26, 2016

Class of 2018: ACT Future Story Freedom

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In five years I would like to be a Senior at either the University of Western Kentucky or the University of Louisville. I am currently taking dual credit courses at WKU and feel like the courses are supporting my future story goal of continuing onto college. 
Over the past two years I have continued to grow towards my stretch ACT Goal of 28. This goal has not come without some learning on my behalf. During my freshman year I remember bombing the first Interim Assessment in Math and it inspired me to take AP Algebra II last year and AP Calculus this year. Since then, I am feeling more confident and prepared. Recently, I took the ACT for the second time and scored a 25. I scored higher in Reading and English, but still grew in Math from the previous 21 that I had. Last year, I found the CERT videos to be helpful for identifying three to four key questions on each test. By focusing on just a few questions I am able to learn more profoundly the skills that are important to other questions. My plan of attack after the IA on Friday is to look at five questions a week and take detailed notes in the graphic organizer that Mr. Bulka has given us. I feel confident this will help me grow towards the 28. 
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