Monday, February 22, 2016

My Future Story Freedom ACT Goals

In paragraph form, craft a thoughtful reflection using distinguished writing skills - sophisticated word choices, complex sentence structures, strong organization, etc. 

Click Here for a Model Response.

Finish This first:

  1. Name your post "My Future Story Freedom ACT Goal."
  2. As of today, describe your current future story plans. Have they changed since our last Achievement Coaching Session?
  3. Analyze your ACT scores from IA1 to IA2 - how did they grow/regress in each area?
  4. Based on your data, what is your stretch goal for each content area when giving maximum effort on the March 1st ACT.
  5. Add a symbolic picture into your post to inspire you towards these goals.

Post ACT:
  1. Now that the ACT is over, write a new paragraph reflecting on the following:
    1. Explain all that you did to prepare yourself to achieve on ACT day?
    2. Describe how you think you performed in each area from best to worst (English, math, reading, science) and explain your ratings.
    3. What ACT advice do you have for the class of 2018?

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