Friday, February 26, 2016

Lafayette House IA3 Future Story Freedom

Lafayette House IA3 Future Story Freedom 2.26.2016

Create a new blogpost and name it Lafayette House IA3 Future Story Freedom.

In paragraph form, reflect on the following. 
  1. Describe your current future story plans. Have they changed since your last Achievement Coaching Session in December?
  2. Analyze your IA scores from IA1 to IA2 - how did you grow or regress in each subject area?  
  3. Based on your IA scores, what is your goal for each subject area when giving your maximum effort on the ACT? What is your composite score goal? (Add each subject area goal and divide by 4.) When do you plan to take the ACT?
  4. Add a symbolic picture to your post to inspire you toward these goals.

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