Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mock Interview Follow Up

Good Morning Mock Interview Participants!

Your English IV Teacher will give you your interview rubric and specific feedback from your interviewer today. The ladies and gentlemen from our community were impressed with all of you.  Your discipline and effective communication was REMARKABLE and they still have not stopped talking about your ROCK STAR BAD SELVES!

After you have analyzed your feedback, please take a few moments to send your interviewer a Gratitude Followup Email. Simply take this link to the contact list, find your interviewer, then copy and paste his/her email address into a new message. 

When writing the email remember to include:
- a salutation/greeting with the title Ms. or Mr. 
- a SPECIFIC thank you, this means you need to explore the feedback the interviewer left for you and choose something that really resonates with you and thank them for the feedback with a short description of how you will use that feedback for your personal and professional growth.
- a closing, for example: have a great day, enjoy your holiday weekend, or something similar
- your first and last name

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