Friday, May 8, 2015

Effort of Champions Example Reflection

Image result for ACT TestMy future story continues to evolve as my junior year comes to a  close. A few significant pieces of my future story puzzle have come together in the past few months. To begin, I became college ready in English and Reading on the ACT. Unfortunately, my Math ACT score was just below benchmark and I'm working hard in Algebra II to ensure I will be college ready on the June ACT. I signed up last night! 

Image result for Growth Mindset QuotesChallenges continue to be a part of my future story journey in the coming weeks. I'm excited to build on my ACT success with the EOC in U.S. History, Algebra II, and Writing On-Demand. I'm certain that with the type of writing I've been doing on the ODW sample responses I will be proficient. I have a stronger grasp on organizing an essay and I'm creating a deeper meaning in the opening. In U.S. History I have strong grasp on Vietnam and will be using the magic carpet to review in the coming week. Most recently, in Algebra II I've also had some breakthrough with expressions. 

In the end, the ingredients for success are clear. I have to take care of myself and continue to show up everyday with a courageous mindset. Everyday I take one step up the mountain I am closer to my future story goal of becoming a pediatric nurse. In reality, know I will face challenges but through persistence I will be able to achieve whatever I set my mind to. Here's to continued growth. 

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