Friday, May 8, 2015

Class of 2016 Effort of Champions

Lions Prepare To Give An Effort Of Champions! 

Update your Big Goals Sheet -
  1. Your future story plans.
  2. Your ACT and/or KOSSA results.
  3. Student Organization game plan for next year.

Re-read the last post you made during your future story coaching session.
  1. Think (don't write) - What were my future story plans as of the last future story coaching day?
Reflect on your EOC preparation by creating a new blog post -
  1. Title your post - Effort Of Champions
  2. Answer the following questions-
    • As of today, how have your future story plans continued to progress? Describe your current progress. 
    • Which EOC tests you will be taking? (Writing On-Demand, Biology, Algebra II, English II, US History).
    • What content do you feel you have mastered (choose 1-2 items)?
    • What content has challenged you and how can you get support in the next week (choose 1-2 items)?
    • What "recommended ingredients for success" are most important to you?

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