Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4.19.17 Senior Future Story Coaching

  1. Celebrating you! (5 min.)
  2. Final Freedom Post (Login to Blogger) (20 min.)
    1. TITLE = Final Freedom Post
    2. Every Minute Counts
      1. What are your most important steps to ensure you have a remarkable graduation week?
      2. What do you want to experience in the next five weeks? (i.e. gratitude, presence, conversations...)
    3. Senior Salute Sponsorship & Celebration
      1. Who is your sponsor? 
      2. How have they impacted you? 
      3. What achievement are you highlighting?
  3. Senior Salute Celebration (Data Entry from Coach)
  4. Group Share Out
    1. What do we want to experience over the last 5 weeks?

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