Wednesday, January 13, 2016

8th Grade Housewarming LEADER Value Presentation

Here is the link to the presentation and the students who will be presenting each value:

Jacob Fields - EC and Discipline
Sanel Karacic - Enthusiasm
Lizzy Marksbury - Learning
Lily Ramsey - Responsibility and Achievement

Choloe Dowell - R
Sierra Meza - A
Lydia Sandefur - L and E
Lexie Sanders - EC
Jerry Williams - D

New Haven
Johnathen Auberry - E
Kaitlyn Burba - L and A
Zach Hurts - R
Marissa Keith - D
Josie Reiter - EC

Emily Cammack - E and EC
Sabastion Downs - D
Malorie Letner - R
Brayden Wherry - A and L

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