Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lincoln House - Future Story Game Planning

Copy the following questions and paste them into your blog post:

1. As of today, October 29th, describe in great detail (3-5 sentences) what you will be doing after you graduate from Thomas Nelson High School.  Paint a detailed picture of your future story

2.  Based on your latest progress report, choose on class for which you need to improve your grade.  In detail, explain your precise game plan for improving that grade.  Who do you need to talk to?  When do you need to stay?  What assignments do you need to recover? BE PRECISE by listing each step that you will complete to get your grade up:

3.  Have you taken the ACT?  If yes, which benchmarks have you met and which do you still need?  If no, list your game plan for taking the next ACT on January 29th.  BE PRECISE and list each step you will need to complete to register:

4.  Include an image that represents your future story by pasting it into this blog post.

5.  When you are finished, go to: and explore majors and the KY colleges that offer them.

6.  Based on this website, which college offers the major that you are considering?  List them below:

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