Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Model Reflection: IA 3: Don't Stop Believing!

In five years I want to be confidently sitting in a college English class learning more about the world around me. I want to attend a school that is going to enrich my spirit and engage my mind. In large, I feel like my scores are stronger than average and support my goal of being a college ready student attending the University of Kentucky. My Interim assessment scores in math and science went from a 56% average in Q1 to 65% in Q2. This is due to my diligence in school and ability to begin looking at graphs more prudently. Comparatively, my growth in reading from 47% to 56% is related to reading outside of school. I’ve started to read a book every two to three weeks in Mrs. Mousty’s classes. My English scores stayed flat at 50%, which is surprising because I am learning a lot about grammar. I think I didn’t use my time as well as I could have. Regardless, I feel good about my path and growth towards my goal of being college ready attending a four year university.

In the next few months I have to challenge myself with more difficult problems in both science and math. There are times when I take the easy route and don’t stretch my thinking with questions that I’m unsure of. Embracing this mindset will support deeper thinking on my behalf and support growth. I also have to seek out answers to questions that I am interested in. Additionally, I need to sign up for the April 18th ACT test. I can do that right here. This curiosity is essential to my engagement. Also, I need to be sure I am sleeping well and taking care of myself.

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